Artists Residency

AG is pleased to present a project long awaited: Alzueta Gallery’s Artists Residency (AGAR)

An artist residency program in the Empordà, near the Costa Brava. Right next to our gallery in the countryside, Palau de Casavells.

A studio for each artist, located in a wonderful setting in the Catalan countryside; a 500m industrial building to work in and a private apartment in the city center of La Bisbal; contacts with collectors and studio visits, will complete the program of activities in our residencies.

We want to bring our exhibition project closer to artists from the 5 continents, we want them to be able to exchange experiences and projects with our current artists, we want to help produce and create the art of our time. We hope that the Alzueta Gallery – Artists Residency program will be one of the elements of articulation of our gallery in the international contemporary art scene.

Upcoming Artist

Alzueta’s Artist Residency program returns this March 2024 with a new artist-in-residence.

Photo: at the artist’s studio, sketches for upcoming works dry on the wall

Past Artists

Violeta Maya

Violeta Maya arrived at Alzueta’s residency and filled every surface with colorful water-soaked canvases during September 2023.

Liam Stevens

Liam’s work stands out with its distinct and peculiar technique and delicacy. The british artist joined our residency programme during the month of August 2023.

Jan Monclús

During the month of July, Jan Monclús joined us at the residency to begin the creation of the collection of works presented in his group exhibition 3 UNDER 40, the last major project of Palau de Casavells in 2023.

Enrich R

Alzueta Gallery’s youngest prodigy returns to the Artists’ Residency for the second time during summer 2023.

Aythamy Armas

The Canarian artist Aythamy Armas returns to the residency for an express stay during the month of June 2023.

Juan Narowé

Juan Narowé, born in Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil in 1993, creates dynamic paintings that draw inspiration from a variety of artistic disciplines, including literature and cinema. Narowé joined our residency program for the month of May 2023.

Bruno Ollé

Bruno stayed at La Bisbal d’Empordà to expand his practice and explore new materials and techniques in the Alzueta Gallery space during the month of April and May 2023.

Richard Zinon

In preparation for his upcoming solo exhibition at Alzueta Gallery during this new season, the British artist has spent January and February 2023 in La Bisbal’s studio experimenting with what will be his new body of work.

Scott Licznerski

Scott Licznerski joins Alzueta on his two-months stay at La Bisbal d’Empordà. During which he will prepare his first exhibition with us, High Above Black Sea, in January 2022 at Alzueta Gallery Sèneca.

Claudia Valsells

During September and October 2022, the Alzueta artist residency is filled with color with the presence of Claudia Valsells. Using this opportunity to explore new compositions through her mastery of color.

Enrich R

Enrich R. takes over the Residency space to create a series of big format paintings. Through the use of
modulation and materiality, he aims to reach a poetic and naked essence, thus preparing the inaugural exhibition of the 2022-2023 season.

Maru Quiñonero

In June 2022 Maru Quiñonero worked on new pieces which will be exhibited in September at the Turó Park gallery.

Aythamy Armas

Through October into November of 2021, Aythamy’s gestural paintings filled the residency studio, creating in it an enveloping dimension built through his powerful strokes.

Guim Tió

Through the month of September of 2021 Guim Tió, known for his mastery in color and color mixing, worked on new canvasses.

Richard Zinon

Known for his big format paintings, the British artist worked in new artworks through the month of July of 2021.