Richard Zinon

Manchester, England, 1985

Untitled - 2022. Oil on canvas. 130 x 105 cm.
Untitled - 2022. Oil on canvas. 170 x 140 cm.
Untitled - 2022. Oil on canvas. 50 x 40 cm.


Manchester, 1985

“Emphasising the physical act of painting itself, my works are most often completed in one sitting and rarely made from preliminary sketches. Void of rich Symbolism or complicated reference, wishing in the most direct way possible to convey to the viewer the energy and joy that went into their creation.

Through large gestural masses ,universal concepts of form and proportion are expressed. In darkness and muted hues the presents of light and colour are felt. Using a limited color palette and most often black as the prominent colour, I search for the most genuine way to express the marriage between human qualities and material property.

Favouring large formats I invite the viewer to be absorbed by giving the opportunity for internal reflection. An intuitive understanding must come before intellectual comprehension. In that sense , the former delves more deeply into the heart of beauty”



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Diploma in drawing and painting, The Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy (2007-2009)
Diploma in drawing the human figure, Academia di belle arti di Frenze, Florence, Italy (2009-2010)
Master Diploma in traditional print making, Il Bisonte – Foundation for Art and Printmaking, Florence, Italy (2009-2010)
Master Diploma in drawing and anatomy, Florence classical art academy, Florence, Italy (2010-2012)
Certificate in painting from the human figure, Martin Yeoman, Whiltshire, UK (2015)
Certificate in traditional Japanese ceramics, Ceramic Seto, Japan (2015)
Grand Diplome Professional Chef, Le Cordon Bleu, London, UK (2018)
Richard Zinon Studio, Florence, Italy (2012-2017)

Alzueta Gallery Residency Programme, Alzueta Gallery (20
Richard Zinon Studio, Florence, Italy (2012-2017)
Work on personal and commission based projects in sculpture, drawing and painting.

Alzueta Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
Gallery BR, Group, UK (2021)
Studio 108, Florence, Italy (2016)
Bryce Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand (2015)
Studio Toscanella, Florence, Italy (2013)
Il Bisonte, Florence, Italy (2009)

Volta Basel, Alzueta Gallery, Basel, Switzerland (2022)
Madrid Art Week, Spain (2021)
Art Paris, Alzueta Gallery, Paris, France (2021)
Estampa Madrid, Spain (2021)


    Selected Exhibitions


    Alzueta Gallery Madrid


    13/01/2022 to 15/02/2022