Sabine Finkenauer

Rockenhausen, Germany, 1961

Flor - 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 130 x 90 cm.
Flor - 2018. Acrylic on paper. 129 x 92 cm.
Flor - 2018. Acrylic on paper. 129 x 92 cm.
S.T. - 2021. Oil pastel on paper. 156 x 115 cm.
Jardín - 2019. Acrylic on canvas. 63 x 94,48 inch
Untitled - 2021. Acrylic on canvas. 63 x 43,3 inch
Untitled - 2021. Oil Pastel on paper. 53,54 x 43,3 inch
Drop - 2021. Pencil on paper. 60,24 x 46,06 inch
Flor - 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 51,18 x 35,43 inch
Drop (Detail) - 2021. Pencil on paper. 60,24 x 46,06 inch
Untitled - 2021. Pastel on Paper. 34,25 x 24,41 inch
Untitled - 2021. Pastel on Paper. 34,25 x 24,41 inch.
Untitled (Detail) - 2021. Pastel on Paper. 57,87 x 41,73 inch
Untitled - 2020. Mixed Media on paper. 34,65 x 25,98 inch
Untitled - 2020. Mixed Media on paper. 34,65 x 25,98 inch
Untitled - 2020. Mixed Media on paper. 34,65 x 25,98 inch
Untitled - 2020. Mixed Media on paper. 34,65 x 25,98 inch


In her latest exhibitions, Sabine Finkenauer (1961) has focused on architectural aspects, apparently more hedonistic and formal, and has left behind a side that could even be considered romantic because of its themes (related to nature, childhood and feelings), although not because of a happy and luminous tone that is exceptional in today’s art. This tone is maintained in her recent work and I like to believe that it anticipates, that it prefigures a different art and future, already free from post-modern cowardice and the old excuses of nihilism.

Perhaps the painter has changed to continue playing differently with forms, and to make it clear that her previous work was also a happy and a serious game of forms. Even in this, this Bavarian artist remembers Paul Klee, and I am not saying that she imitates him, but that they are soul mates. In any case, their vision of the world and their conception of artistic creation are very similar. Like Klee, Finkenauer knows how to combine her plastic and musical knowledge to compose a successful kind of paramusical abstraction, and she does so without renouncing the poetic recreation of visible forms, the celebration of nature, including human nature. And like Klee, he manages to reconcile lucidity and tenderness, rigor and freedom, humor and poetry.

In her paintings she uses acrylic, gouache and pencil to compose abstract architectural landscapes and chromatic compositions. Despite appearances, we are faced with the same minimalist and warm poetics that was present in series between figurative and abstract as those starring flowers and girls with empty faces, like a field of color after Rothko.

Juan Bufill


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DRAWING ROOM LISBOA 2021, Lisboa, galería Trinta, with Fco. Méndez Moreira (2021)
ESTAMPA 2021, with Mar Vicente, stand Galería Trinta, Madrid(2021)
Galería Trinta, Fortaleza, Santiago de Compostela (2021)
ARTE SANTANDER, solo project, stand Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Santander (2021)
La Funanbule sur le fil d’une tendre géométrie, Fotokino (2021)
Galería Antonia Puyó, Pintar con la mano el cerebro, with Ana H. del Amo, Zaragoza, Spain (2021)
BDDW Gallery, Two-Women-Show together, with Jen Wink Hays, New York (2020)
Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, #flora, Madrid, Spain (2019)
Galería Ana Mas Projects, De otra forma, Barcelona, Spain (2018)
Galería NueveOchenta, Circular, Bogotá, Colombia (2018)
Galería Arróniz, Simiente, Ciudad de México, Mexico (2018)
Palacio Quintanar, En otro orden de cosas, with Mª Jesús Gómez Garcés, Segovia, Spain (2017)
Paper Positions Art Fair, stand Galerie Ulf Larsson, Berlin, Germany (2017)
ArtBo (Art Fair), with Claude Viallat, Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Bogotá, Colombia (2016)
Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando (2016)
Paréidolie Art Fair, Marseille, stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando (2016)
La vida es probablemente redonda, “Los Ochenta”, López-Sanz Collection, Cretas, Teruel (2016)
Galería Aina Nowack, Sabine · Sybilla, in collaboration with Sybilla, Madrid (2016)
Hotel de las Letras (in collaboration with Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando), Madrid (2016)
Estampa 2015, Mein Garten, stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2015)
Flamicell Art Contemporani, Give me two, (with Carles Gabarró), Barcelona (2015)
Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, A presence in the void, Madrid (2015)
Galería etHall, From red to blue, Barcelona (2015)
Centre d’Études Catalanes, Cercle, Carré et des autres espaces, Paris (2015)
Alzueta Gallery, Palau de Casavells, Baix Empordà, Girona (2014)
Pepnot Galeria, s/t, Artá, Mallorca (2013)
Galeria MasArt, 2-Dimensional Sculpture, Barcelona (2011)
Galería SIS, Some Things, Sabadell (2010)
Galerie Jones, cosas singulares, Köln, Germany (2010)
Galería Miquel Alzueta, Espai Casavells, Corça, Girona (2010)
ArtAmsterdam, Artbackoffice, Amsterdam, Holland (2010)

ALART, festival culltural, Alaró, Mallorca, Spain (2022)
Relacions inevitables, Galería Pep Llabrés, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2022)
Floralia, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
ARCO, stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2022)
Va-et Vient, Librairie Yvon Lambert, in collaboration with Fotokino and Atelier R.L.D., Paris (2022)
Va-et Vient, Fotokino, in collaboration with Atelier R.L.D., Marseille, France (2022)
ARCO, stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2021)
JUSTMAD ’21, stand Galería Trinta, Madrid (2021)
La Métairie Bruyère, colaboration with Fotokino, Parly – Bourgogne, France (2021)
Pintura: Renovación permanente, Patio Herreriano, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Valladolid (2021)
Galería Esther Montoriol, Momentum, 20 años, Barcelona (2021)
Galería Esther Montoriol, DeliArtessen 19, Barcelona (2020)
Fundació Vila Casas, Càpsules de confinament, Can Framis, Barcelona (2020)
Galería Rafaél Pérez Hernando, 15 Años – 15 Years, Madrid (2020)
Fotokino, Variations, Marseille (2020)
Galería Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2019)
ESTAMPA ’19, whith Beatríz Olano. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2019)
Drawings Positions, Curated by Mónica Carreaga. CAB – Centro de Arte de Caja de Burgos (2019)
Summer Show, Galería Alegría. Paintings on towels exposed in different parts of the spanish coast. (2019)
Mira Barcelona!, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, An exhibition of 8 artists from Barcelona. (2019)
Curator: Norbert Käs. Pfaffenhofen, Germany (2019)
Pepnot On Paper, Drawing-Painting-Engraving, Galería Pepnot, Artà, Mallorca. (2019)
Un lugar inventado / An invented place, Intervention in a showcase of El Corte Inglés during the ARCO’19 fair. (2019)
Curators: Juan Manuel Bonet and Alfonso de la Torre. El Corte Inglés, Madrid (2019)
Fake Paradise, Galería És-fera 72, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona (2019)
ARCO ’18, Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2018)
BazArt, Galería Aina Nowack, Madrid (2018)
Galería Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2018)
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Galería Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2017)
Untitled Art Fair, Galeria Ana Mas Projects, Miami (2016)
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Arts Libris 2016, stand R.L.D. Éditions, Barcelona (2016)
Arco ’16 – Arts Libris, stand R.L.D. Éditions, Madrid (2016)
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Galeria Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2015)
Arco ’15, Galería +R, Madrid (2015)
Goethe Institut, Status Alterado 2, Barcelona (2015)
Galería Esther Montoriol, Flors, Barcelona (2015)
Untitled Art Fair, Galeria +R, Miami (2014)
Galeria Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2014)
Estampa, Galeria +R, Madrid (2014)
Swab, Galeria +R, Barcelona (2014)
Àmbit Galeria d’Art, Painting In Barcelona, Barcelona (2014)
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Fundación Centenera, Me, Myself and I, IV Certamen de Dibujo Contemporáneo, Madrid (2013)
Galeria Esther Montoriol, Vincles i refèrents, Barcelona (2013)
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Galería Esther Montoriol, DelicArtessen, Barcelona (2011)
Pulse LA, stand Galería MasArt, Los Angeles, USA (2011)
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Galería Esther Montoriol, Hora 0, Barcelona (2011)
Galerie Jones, I SPY, Köln, Germany (2011)