Jordi Alcaraz «Reflexionen» at Gallery Haas

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3 febrero, 2021

Spain has produced over the last few decades amazing well known artists, mostly abstract and with an impressive impact on today’s art scene. Figures such as Miró, Picasso, Plensa and Tápies. However, well known and awarded artist is definitely not something of the past. One of the most renowned Spanish contemporary artists of our times is Jordi Alcaraz, a Mixed Media artist based in the outskirts of Barcelona with an impressive approach to art. Alcaraz had in the past many solo exhibitions in Museums and Art Institutions, but this year, he was teamed up with well known artist Antoni Tapies in a Duo Exhibition in Gallery Haas, based in Zurich.

Through the month of November, Gallery Haas held a curated show featuring original and unique artworks by both Catalan artists. The show pays homage to the successful exhibition that reunited both artists nine years ago.
By reuniting two of the most representative artists of the Catalan art scene of the last century and of our times, Gallery Haas confronts and unites the world of both artists by binding and reenacting the metaphoric and poetic narratives of Tapies with the new dialogs Alcaraz poses. The exhibition became a meeting point for their cosmology and philosophy conceptions, and built new perspectives on their respective expressions.

Recently, Gallery Haas edited and published the catalog in German and English featuring the nine new artworks by Alcaraz along with the unique oeuvres by Antoni Tàpies.

Image of the cover of the catalog «Jordi Alcaraz – Antoni Tàpies Reflectionen/Reflections» edited and published by Gallery Haas:

Jordi Alcaraz and Antoni Tapies catalog

A look inside the catalog featuring «Materia amb quatre tensors» (1970) by Antoni Tàpies (left) and a recent artwork by Jordi Alcaraz made out of methacrylat, white colour on cardboard and, polyester resin:

Jordi Alcaraz and Antoni Tapies catalog

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