Xevi Solà

To be

Xevi Solà presents his first solo show in Madrid, with his never before-seen artworks exploring the advising and dialogue between his figures and the spectator.

I present the work for this exhibition under the title «To be». Not in all of them, but in some of the pieces there is a message that seems to be addressed to the spectator, however, it is actually addressed to myself and has to do with the creative process: «be dare», «be faster», etc. I was attracted by the idea that the spectator could feel as the character, the viewer or myself, and that it could therefore take on different meanings.
Additionally, I have always been interested in the text incorporated into the painting, mixing the pictorial with the literary, but in a minimalist way, which is also where I want to settle my work at. And what could be more literary and concentrated than the well-known «to be or not to be». All the philosophy contained in Hamlet’s soliloquy that I would like any of my works to contain.

And continuing with philosophy, the title also alludes to the ontological opposition «to be-exist». I have tried to capture the interior, the essence of some characters. Nothing new in fact, what the tradition of portraiture has always sought.

-Xevi Solà

06-10-2022 to 11-11-2022

Alzueta Gallery Madrid

C/ Marqués de Monasterio, 1
28004 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 362 99 67

Monday to Friday 9:00h – 14:00h / 16:00h – 9:00h and Saturday 10:30h – 14:30h