Group Show


By Bertrand Fournier, Sabine Finkenauer, Isidre Enrich, Laurent Martin Lo, Lusesita, Santeri Lehto, Pablo Carpio, James Rielly, Gabrielle Graessle, Hugo Alonso, Francisco Mendes Moreira, Sito Mújica

During the Roman Empire the festivities celebrating Flora, goddess of spring, vegetation and fertility were called Floralia. Paying homage to this celebration, we invited a group of our represented artists to explore their personal meaning of Spring.

We are pleased to present «Floralia» an unusual group exhibition with which we would like to celebrate spring, and what it means to us: the opening of our countryside gallery Palau de Casavells, the celebration of Sant Jordi -our own local Barcelona festivity-, the revival of social life after a period of closure, the renewal of the gallery’s endeavour and the new paths that are now opening to us.

21-04-2022 to 14-05-2022

Alzueta Gallery Sèneca – Main Gallery

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