Daniel Jensen

Hover on the Edge of Sleep

We are delighted to announce Daniel Jensen’s first solo exhibition in Madrid.

The show brings together 13 artworks on canvas, gathered under the concept of Hypnagogia. The title Hover on the Edge of Sleep is a direct reference to the homonymous dream state, which is the moment of transition from wakefulness to sleep.

In this phase, phenomena such as lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and chromatic hallucinations appear. Among the most common sensory features are phosphenes, which may manifest as apparently random, monochromatic or richly colored dots, lines or geometric patterns. They are said to differ from dreams proper in that hypnagogic images are usually dynamic, without narrative content.

17-11-2022 to 14-12-2022

Alzueta Gallery Madrid

C/ Marqués de Monasterio, 1
28004 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 362 99 67

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