«Woolable Art Notes» Edgar Plans x Woolable by Lorena Canals Limited Edition rug

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7 septiembre, 2021

Alzueta Gallery is pleased to announce the official launch of «Woollable Art Notes», a limited edition wool rug designed by the renowned artist Edgar Plans in collaboration with «Woolable» by Lorena Canals. Hand in hand with our represented artist Edgar Plans, Lorena Canals comes to the world of art once again, one of her passions, to create a unique wool rug. In this limited edition textile artwork, released under the Woolable by Lorena Canals brand, the fragments of her famous Wall Notes series, jump from the canvas to the wool.

This larger rectangular exclusive textile canvas measuring 170 x 240 cm, comes in a limited and numbered edition of 100. Along with the piece, as a bonus track, it includes a special certificate of authenticity which consists of a thread-bound book made in fabric with his famous characters in it, that becomes another artwork by itself.

This special edition, thought for true fans of Edgar Plans and of his Wall Notes work series, will be sold via editions@alzuetagallery.com on strict first-come order of this email.

This project is exclusively managed by editions@alzuetagallery.com. Please, do not address any other emails inside Alzueta Gallery or Palau de Casavells.


Edgar Plans rug

«Woolable Art Notes» by Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals.

Edgar Plans rug

«Woolable Art Notes» by Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals at the Edgar Plans studio.


Edgar Plans rug

Woolable Art Notes by Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals displayed in the room at our countryside gallery Palau de Casavells.