Spring Exhibitions

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6 julio, 2021

During Spring we held three solo exhibitions every month. From photography to sculpture and painting, the new works by our represented artist were exhibited in the exhibition rooms of our Barcelona Gallery. Some of the artists exhibited are already known to the collectors that have been following the gallery since a while ago, and others are new to the gallery. Continue reading to discover the shows in April, May and June.

Hugo Alonso Exhibition Alzueta Gallery

Hugo Alonso’s Solo Exhibition during April.

Hugo Alonso Artworks

Hugo Alonso’s Solo Exhibition during April.

In April we showed in our main exhibition room the acrylic on paper paintings by Spanish artist Hugo Alonso. After his successful Solo Exhibition at Salamanca’s DOMUS Art Museum, the show aimed to  exhibit the latest works by the artist, following his previous body of work dedicated to landscapes and women’s figures.

Working only in Black & White, and using his unique technique of acrylic paint diffused on paper, the artist achieves a mysterious vibe in his works, creating figures that with the sfumato technique seem distant yet intriguing and inviting. Reminding us of photography, of a precious moment captured forever by the artist.

With bigger size works and medium format works the show was an ode to the strength hidden in fragility, with figures such as the rose, the landscape and the curves of a woman’s body.

Liam Stevens Original Artworks

Original paintings by Liam Stevens on view at his exhibition at our gallery.

Liam Stevens

Original paintings by Liam Stevens on view at his exhibition at our gallery.

We also showed in April the original works by British artist Liam Stevens. Liam is a British artist who works with color and geometric shapes, kind of unveiling the hidden geometry in color within the layers he applies to his paintings. The work by the artists tends to be perceived as fully abstract, but, when confronted with his paintings, the viewer realizes that there is something more, a gesturalism hidden in the apparent simplicity of his works, evoking calm and beauty in a simple and clear way.
His works, produced in a textured-rich canvas, visible in the side of the works, is the perfect balance between color and subtle geometry.

Laurent Martin Lo Solo Show Alzueta Gallery

Solo Exhibition by French artist Laurent Martin Lo.

In our smaller exhibition room we showed the new works by French artist Laurent Marin Lo. Based in the Catalan countryside, the sculptures by Martin Lo are made in Bamboo, using a technique learned in Asia and with which he produces his sinuous and balanced sculptures. His works are mostly kinetic mobile sculptures, however, for this exhibition, the artist explored the idea of the balance of bamboo over a black iron cylinder in small and medium format unique works.

Laurent Martin Lo Solo Show Alzueta Gallery

Maru Quiñonero’s Solo Exhibition titled Verso y Prosa.


Maru Quiñonero’s Solo Exhibition titled Verso y Prosa.

During May, Madrid based artist Maru Quiñonero exhibited her big format paintings at our gallery. Known for her use of color and rounded shapes that defy our preconceived ideas of minimalism, Maru plays with soft color palettes and bold colors in contrast, creating dynamic compositions that remind us of geometric art. However, the works on pastel unveil the artist’s TRAY, making her manual work of filling each one of the shapes almost a gestural action. In this exhibition «Verso y Prosa» the artist wanted to highlight the importance of composition and color as a way of telling a message, and how an artwork, even if abstract, serves as a way to express feelings in the same level of poetry.

Nuria Maria Artworks

Two big format paintings by artist Nuria Maria part of her exhibition at our gallery.

In our first floor exhibition room we exhibited the newer works by Dutch artist Nuria Maria. Inspired by the antique ceramic vases owned by her grandfather, the artist did a sintesis work of representing their main shapes and colors, allowing the viewer to appreciate colors typical of clay, brushstrokes similar to the effusive hands that create ceramic and the softness and bright surfaces of enamel.

Carlita Guerrero Original artworks

Carlota Guerrero and her new book «Tengo un Dragon en el Corazón»

Last but not least, in May we had the pleasure of introducing «Tengo un Dragón en el corazón» Carlota Guerrero’s new book and photographs. The works by the artist are limited edition fine art photographs signed and numbered by the artist. Known for her strong conceptual approach to photography, the oeuvre by Carlota Guerrero revolves around women and a new and bold idea of femininity, portraying the strength in the fragility and looks of women from all over the world through her analogue camera.

Solo Exhibition by Lidia Masllorens in our gallery.

Lidia Masllorens Alzueta Gallery

Gallery director Julia Alzueta together with artist Lidia Masllorens and head of accounting Natalia Dualde.


June was a very special month in our gallery as well, as we showed the original and never before seen artworks by our represented artist Lidia Masllorens. Lidia is a well known international Catalan artist working with bleach and acrylic on ancient currency paper, giving to her works a unique and recognizable texture. Normally the artist portrays closeup images of women, with intriguing looks and effusive strokes, creating a dynamic and bold composition. For months collectors were waiting for the show and for the artist to have original artworks on view, so the exhibition was visited by many art lovers from the region, making it a huge success.

Antonia Ferrer Solo Exhibition Alzueta Gallery

Original Mixed Media artworks by Antonia Ferrer on view at the artist’s solo exhibition at our gallery.

Valencia based artist Antonia Ferrer exhibited as well during June at our gallery. The minimal artist got inspired by the sea, its textures and colors to create a show that evoked the calmness of the sea and the port, where her studio is located. The works, textured masses of color, induce in the viewer a sense of calmness and meditation. The work by the artist is part of important art collections in Europe and in the USA and this exhibition in particular was selected by the top online Contemporary Art platform Artsy as one of the best shows of the month.

Andrea Torres Balaguer New Artworks

New works from the Poeme series by Andrea Torres Balaguer.

In our smaller space dedicated to photography, we exhibited during June the works by awarded photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer.  We introduced to our collectors the new series by the artist called Poéme and the two new works of the Hivernacle Series Set. Andrea Torres is well known for her fine art staged photographs intervened by the artist with acrylic paint. In this new series the artist uses bold colors and strong contrasts and intervenes the photograph not only in one place like in The Unknown series, but in different places of the work, covering more surface and making the similitude to painting a bit more present in the photograph.