«Semana del Arte en Madrid»

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14 mayo, 2021

We are excited to inform you that at the end of May we will be attending Madrid Art Week. After more than a year working continuously into showing the newest artworks by our represented artists, we are thrilled to be finally participating in an art fair!

Like every year before the pandemic, we visit Art Madrid, an art fair recognized internationally for its great curation when it comes to choosing the participating galleries and for the diverse artists and artworks shown. Even if the location will remain the same, in the beautiful palace that gives the fair an exceptional lighting throughout its crystal ceiling, this year the fair will be different; not only because it is among the first art fairs in the Spanish capital after the Pandemic, but because we will exhibit never before seen artworks and introduce the work by our new represented artists.

Alzueta Gallery Art Madrid

Our  Booth in the past years.

At the fair we will be exhibiting Claudia Valsells’ unique works on paper and canvas, all part of her new series inspired in metaphorical conversations seen through color between intellectuals she admires. We will also exhibit original and never before seen paintings on canvas by our artist Max Cobalto, unique paintings on paper by Hugo Alonso, and sculptures and Mixed Media beautiful artworks by Jordi Alcaraz.

This year we will introduce to the collectors in Madrid the works by our newly represented artist Richard Zinon, showing big format abstract canvases made with his signature powerful strokes on oil.

Claudia Valsells Artworks

Acrylic on Canvas paintings by our represented artist Claudia Valsells, both to be available at Art Madrid.


View of Art Madrid Art Fair.

However, Art Madrid is not the only fair in Madrid’s busy Art Week, so we will be also attending Urvanity Art Fair, an art fair that has not been for long in the art scene, but that has been very impactful when it comes to the artists shown and how international their participating galleries are.

At Urvanity Art Fair we will show the works by our most abstract and bold artists, Mixed Media works by Marria Pratts, watercolor paintings by award winning artist James Rielly, original oil on canvas paintings by Xevi Solá and powerful Mixed Media artworks by Aythamy Armas.

Aythamy Armas Artworks

Mixed Media Artworks by our represented artist Aythamy Armas to be shown in Urvanity Art Fair.

Xevi Sola Artworks

Oil on Canvas paintings by our represented artist Xevi Sola Serra.

The artworks will be available online through Artsy, so if interested in any, please send us an inquiry or an email to info@alzuetagallery.com