Poet Joan C. Pons on Albert Pinya’s return to Barcelona

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24 marzo, 2022


Albert Pinya New Solo Show New Artwork Alzueta Gallery BarcelonaAlbert Pinya not only invites the colours to a  frantic spectacular dance, but also invites all the artistic forms of his knowledge to an initiation rite where art regains its power to generate reactions of all caste and does so by allying himself with ancient art and segregating an art of the future. Pinya is a genuine proposal that invites us to forget the effervescent misery surrounding us in this time of war and chaos. We celebrate with euphoria this choral song of salvations and passions.

Because Pinya takes his brushes to root this primitive, not primitive, art because it is of almost outrageous modernity,
to extract ambrosia that vivids the creviced blood of the present from immemorial references that give us a foundation to support us in the current barbarity of ignorance,
anintellectual genocide that Pasolini also denounced in his corsair writings and in his Lutheran letters.

With his shocking and ancestral art, Pinya, as did his revered teacher Joan Miró, generates primordial roots to rise to the constellations of the future. This euphoric exhibition at  Alzueta Gallery in Barcelona confirms this as the shocking reference he is.


His work is based on an intentional and ironic naivety that manages to dismantle the perverse structures of reality. He has quickly developed his own recognizable style, in which the artist applies the codes of popular culture, comics, illustration and a meditated naive aesthetic that hides a precise treatment of the themes he explores.
His work denies the “l’art pour l’art” concept and understands that, as the form of expression it is, art is eminently communicative and must always be based on an ideology. For all these reasons, rather than speaking of ‘artistic creation’ we should speak of ‘artistic reaction’.
Painting, drawing, intervention, installation, performance, graphic work and sound are the media he uses to develop the discourse of his narratives. One of his main obsessions is focused on the study and observation of the human being and the way he establishes relationships with society and the environment.


Albert Pinya New Solo Show New Artwork Alzueta Gallery Barcelona


Top image: AL POETA JAUME C. PONS ALORDA. 2021. Mixed Media on canvas. 130 x 190 cm. Artwork dedicated to the poet himself. Bottom image: Albert Pinya at his studio. Mallorca, Spain. 2021. Photo credit: Sofía Ramis.