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14 junio, 2021
When thinking about Claudia Valsells’ oeuvre, the first word that comes to mind is Color. The Spanish artist is well known for her use of contrasting shades on lines and different shapes.
Producing herself the pigments and using a patented technique that she spent years perfecting, the work by the artist has a distinctive look and feel, her colors are only hers, and this helps her to achieve a recognizable and consistent oeuvre.Through her artistic career color has been her main field and plastic element, and placed her among the most productive and well known artists of Catalonia and Spain. However, in the last year the works by the artist are going far more beyond the study of color; and a new and bold approach to color and shape is now visible in her paintings.

Claudia Valsells Original paintings Alzueta Gallery

Original Acrylic, Oil and Gouache painting on canvas.

Last December we had a Solo Exhibition by the artist, where new works got presented to our collectors. The show, meant to introduce her new body of work, unveiled a bolder, fresher and unique oeuvre by the artist.

Where colors are not perfect and contained within the sinuous yet delicate lines she used to draw on the borders of the Fine Art paper, now effusive and gestural strokes fill the surface of the painting. Acrylic, oil and gouache on canvas merge together to co-create with the artist a new approach to color, one strongly connected with ideas, passion and movement.

Claudia Valsells Original paintings

Installation of What’s Collor, Claudia Valsell’s Solo Exhibition at our gallery, where the artist showed the colors she gave to each thinker that inspired her.


The Genesis of the series came during the confinement, where Claudia spent hours listening to podcasts and reading philosophy, thinkers, writers, and following feminists figures on Social Media. These thinkers were her companions during the months of isolation, and to each one of them she designated a color. A color that represented their ideas, that in the mind of the artist were in constant conversation with her beliefs and with her own ideas as well.As the artist that she is, Claudia decided to give an image to these effusive and passionate conversations happening between these personages.

A bold yellow representing Oliafur Eliasson intertwined with a soft blue representing Stefano Mancuso, together as thinkers of the current reality and helping her paint her ideas. The main idea of these works is to be admired by the viewer from a distance, so he can get lost in the contemplation of each stroke and hues, therefore, the artist presented at our gallery a selection of big format pieces to be admired and to mesmerize us within intellectual pictorial conversations.

Claudia Valsells at the gallery

Claudia Valsells at the gallery.


About her new study of color, the artists meditates:

«Throughout the pandemic I have been away from my studio and my art form – painting.
I found great comfort reading pieces by philosophers, historians, thinkers, writers, and other artists.
They helped me better understand humanity and its role in this globalized world.
During the past months I have invited them to consider and answer the question:
‘What does color mean to you?’
First of all, to open up a dialogue, to grasp new ways of seeing colors, other perspectives, but also to better understand the world. I wanted to think of color in a broader context, outside of the artistic view, and to discover the notion of color as it is thought of by others.
Now, this whole journey has become a process of identifying and synthesizing knowledge, when possible, into color, with the wish to create and share a ‘Color Glossary’ where color meets  perception.
For what purpose?
Because To me, COLOR is a universal visual emotion, capable of reaching and inspiring every human being.»
About WHAT’s Color?

Discover her new and never before seen artworks here.