On & Off Exhibition – Frederic Anderson

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20 julio, 2020

Meditating over «the new normal» concept, Alzueta gallery is pleased to present you its first On & Off Exhibition, a concept that seeks to play with how the online and offline worlds merge in order to show art in a clear and new way, more connected to our current reality.

Highlighting the conceptual meanings and needs of showing art in a digital way, On & Off Exhibition is a project that studies how an art exhibition needs to be translated from a brick & mortar space into a digital show.

Every month we will hold an exhibition by one of our artists, that will be put together in our gallery spaces, but meant to be enjoyed online. Our first artist will be Frederic Anderson, on this occasion we will exhibit the artist’s new Mixed Media works at our gallery in Barcelona. The show, meant to be exhibited in a digital format, though Instagram, Artsy and our online platforms, will be a custom made immersive online experience visible through our online platforms, but at the same time open for collectors in the city.

The works exhibited by Anderson were fully made during the lockdown in London, portraying, in the words of the artist «the strange tension that was (and still is) in the air during that period».
Besides the works being true to their time, they are connected with the project conceptually as the artist is an avid reader of OOO (objected oriented ontology), particularly the writings of Timothy Morton. According to OOO, objects are fundamentally withdrawn, that means that we cannot ever access a ‘real’ object because we are constantly bombarded with ‘sensual’ objects. This thinking is what underpins the ‘blurry’ lines in the artist’s work, the idea of something that you can see, that is right there in front of you, but that is at the same time intangible and out of reach.

Discover the show online and visit it at our gallery spaces in Barcelona.