November Exhibitions

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13 noviembre, 2020

For some people art is a safe place, an escape from the routine, and during these lockdown times, its role might even more meaningful than ever. We are passing through a period of do and repeat, highs and lows, sadness and joy. Materializing these feelings our November exhibitions feature the artists Aythamy Armas, Isabel Servera and Lusesita.

Painter Aythamy Armas exhibited in our XL Space a curated selection of original paintings made in conté pencil on raw canvas. Born in the Canary Islands and now based in Barcelona, he’s making a name for himself in the local and international art scene. His work takes a new gestural approach to painting, from the discipline itself to the execution.
Therefore, the onlooker found itself wrapped by Armas’ compositions and got invited to travel through their strokes. Strokes drawn with determination and energy over black and white canvases. Becoming the perfect match to conceive the endless graphic places he devises on his artworks. As he says, he always tries to give his best when tracing out on the medium used, getting lost by his own creations and letting himself go building and constructing new artistic possibilities.

Following our set programme of exhibiting three artists per month, in our L space we held a solo presentation by the Spanish artist Isabel Servera. Her artistic oeuvre draws inspiration from the creative process in textile art, using instead of a thread and a loom, a felt-tipped pen on Fine Art paper.
Thus, Isabel «knits» lines which overlap each other depicting mesmerizing visual patterns. This repetition ends up covering the entire surface of the paper, emulating the mechanical process of machines where tasks are executed «ad infinitum». As Servera says, she establishes a relationship with the lines in the paper similar to the waver with his textile work. The show aimed to challenge the visitors to ask themselves the big question: what is art and what is its mission? Questions which are still waiting for an answer and that now more than ever must be reconsidered.

Representing the sculpture field, Spanish artist Lusesita showed her unique and one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. Always aiming for the contrast between conflicting concepts,  her sculptures might seem a bit surrealistic yet innocent in the eyes of those who look at them, but don’t fall for her clay beings since they convey deeper meanings such as fear, lust or anger. Intricate perceptions hidden in plain sight behind a glittery patina, innocent shapes, light fabrics and pastels.

All in all, November’s artistic proposal delved into how art apprehends whoever looks at it, pushing the onlooker to think of their inner self whilst letting their minds flow freely among powerful brushstrokes, repetitive patterns and seemingly soft and mischievous figures that embody a darker yet human side.

Images of Aythamy Armas’ solo exhibition at the XL Space:

Exposición individual Aythamy Armas en Alzueta GalleryExposición individual Aythamy Armas en Alzueta Gallery
Images of Isabel Servera’s presentation at the L Space:

Presentación Isabel Servera Galería Alzueta

Presentación de Isabel Servera en Alzueta Gallery

Images of Lusesita’s solo project at the M Space:

Lusesita solo project at the M Space

Lusesita solo project at the M Space


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