Moritz Moll’s Presentation at Alzueta Gallery

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17 diciembre, 2021

In a contemporary scene almost dominated by abstraction, it seems difficult to venture into the journey of finding a new figurative artist of sufficient quality to be relevant. Using gouache and oils, this artist is able to capture the intimacy and delicacy of the most unnoticed aspects of everyday life.

Alzueta Gallery is excited to announce the addition of the young and promising German painter Moritz Moll to our group of incredible artists.

During the month of November we open the doors of our main gallery in Barcelona to present the artist’s solo exhibition to the public. All visitors were fascinated by the colorful pieces from Moritz and his athletes. Some artists provoke curiosity, others mystery and disquiet, in the case of Moritz Moll laughter and good humor predominate in the reactions of the spectators. And the reason why is understandable.

Born in Munich in 1991, Moritz studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, from which he graduated this year. Even at his young age, Moritz has been exhibiting for more than six years and with growing success.

Through a characteristic combination of two- and three-dimensionality, the artist specialized in the figurative aesthetic using personal photographs, archive images and screenshots of television events as reference material. An ingenious way of contemporaryising portrait painting, making us wonder to what extent we are not faced with the representation of a still life, rather than the portrait painting to which history has accustomed us.

This curious ability to idolize mundane activities with an innocent vision and soft pastel colors, makes his work stand out among other portraitists. Almost like family snapshots, his almost unfinished aesthetic is able to take the spectator on a journey of homesickness and nostalgia.

From athletes in the midst of routine to a fascination with sleep, the artist orchestrates a perfect process of freezing an exact momentum forever on the canvas, allowing the viewer to access an almost intrusive spectacle, enhancing the appeal of observing the other person with subtle detachment. Sweet, genuine, and sketch-like, his work promises to show a different take on portrait painting.

We can’t wait to see where this new chapter brings us. Welcome Moritz to the Alzueta Family. 

From left to right: Boden, Boden IV and Ringe II (Detail). Genuine talent with color blocking is what takes to give Moritz’s 2D painting a sense of depth even with his characteristic omission of background representation.  


Left: Gesundheit (Detail). Right: Mortiz Moll pictured at his studio. 2021.