Midnight Draws, a Charity book by Edar Plans

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26 junio, 2020

«Midnight Draws» is Edgar Plans’ latest book locally produced in Barcelona showing over 90 small illustrations produced by the artist during the Lockdown in Spain. For a period of over 2 months, the artist was working from home only using paper and his pencil, creating drawings of his typical small personages.

To help fight COVID-19 and using the successful international platform the artist currently has, we teamed up with Padre Gallery in order to produce a Charity Limited Edition book which profits will be donated to the Spanish Red Cross.

In a limited edition of 500 books signed and numbered by Edgar himself and with notes by the artist, the project seeks to bring happiness and faith in these difficult times to collectors and art lovers all around the globe.

Discover some snapshots of the book that was sold out in just a couple of hours!

Midnight Draws Book by Edgar Plans