Hugo Alonso solo exhibition at the Domus Artium 2002 in Salamanca

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4 marzo, 2020

With Studies at the Fine Arts Faculty of Salamanca and Rome, Hugo Alonso develops exhibition projects of a heterogeneous nature. Initially and mainly pictorial, his work has gradually expanded into other fields such as video, sound and audiovisual installations.

The exhibition that will be held at the Domus Artium 2002 in Salamanca, Spain from the 13th of March until the 28th of June 2020, will be displayed in the lower floor of the museum. Silent at the beginning and only showing pictorial works, the show will be in mute to later incorporate sounds and videos that will immerse the viewer’s scenes in a complex exhibition where almost all senses will be involved. Thus for the expectator to meditate over the physical limits not only of the exhibition, but of art itself. Characterised by an ambiguous semantic and a film, amusement parks and even classic art gallery aesthetic, the show will be on view in the main room of the museum and in rooms 2 and 3.

The DA2 (DOMUS ARTIUM 2002), is a contemporary art centre currently integrated in the Salamanca City of Culture and Knowledge Foundation of the Salamanca City Council. It was inaugurated in April 2002 on the occasion of the European Cultural Capital, which was held in Salamanca throughout that year.

The works by Hugo Alonso have been continuously present in recent years in national and international contemporary art fairs such as Zona Maco, Volta, Arco, Seattle Art Fair, Art Toronto or Art Paris and forms part of significant public and private collections such as MUSAC, DA2, Colección Pilar Citoler, Colección Rucandio, Colección Bassat, CAB, BMW Foundation, Salamanca Provincial Council, CEART, Gaceta Foundation or Obra Social Caja España.

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Hugo Alonso_UNDONE_ 59 (1)

Hugo Alonso_UNDONE_ 07 saturacion

LAB 02, acrylic on paper, 152 x 120 cms, 2020 Hugo Alonso

LAB 02, acrylic on paper, 152 x 120 cms, 2020

LAB 01, acrylic on paper, 152 x 120 cms, 2020 Hugo Alonso

LAB 01, acrylic on paper, 152 x 120 cms, 2020