February Exhibitions

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7 febrero, 2021

In February we held the first exhibitions of two artists, both British, who recently joined us: Richard Zinon and James Rielly. Therefore we exhibited their artworks in our spaces and a solo project by Manolo Ballesteros.

The large artworks by Richard Zinon filled the XL Space through all this month of February. The white of the gallery’s main room find itself absorbed by the intricate darkness that seemed to pop out of the canvases. Through thick brushstrokes made on oil painting made by consist of overlapping of different layers of colour, seemed to be an abstract reenactment of the light and shadows of the Baroque Art; and we don’t say this for the sake of it, but addressing the British artist classical background as he told us in a interview on the occasion of the exhibition.

He is an artist in constant change, somebody who fluctuates depending on their own needs, his inner-self and his development, so are his artworks. Zinon seeks to express his persona to his art, and that also explains how the exhibition shifted over the weeks. From the first pieces, mucho more darker, contrasted with the last ones coming up at the gallery with a glimpse of white in them.

Without moving from the British Islands, James Rielly and his famous portraits made their debut in our L Space. Rielly is a well-know international artist, with a consolidated career in the art world. In «Love flows from your eyes», we presented nine original watercolour works, nine portraits, 


Images of Richard Zinon’s solo exhibition at our XL Space: 

Richard Zinon Solo Exhibition

Richard Zinon First Solo Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

Images of James Rielly’s solo presentation at our L Space: 

James Rielly Solo Exhibition

James Rielly Solo Exhibition

Images of Manolo Ballesteros’ project at our M Space: 

Manolo Ballesteros exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

Manolo Ballesteros exhibition at Alzueta Gallery


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