Edgar Plans’ Solo Exhibition at Art on Paper NYC 2020

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4 marzo, 2020


A solo exhibition with a never-before-seen art installation and mural painting by Spanish artist Edgar Plans.

The exhibition is an ode to who we are and who we want to be, to our aspirations and unique dreams.
In this opportunity the artist presents a mural painting of one of his small personages imagining or recreating different roles and activities in society: from musicians, sportsmen, artists, heroes, to even a father or a mother.

The installation composed of several small format drawings that take the form of a cartoon’s text box, gives a glimpse of the multiple possibilities of roles in society that that one of his characters would like to be.

The second part of the proposal is made up of larger format pieces that exemplify the artist’s work in his notebook, capturing sketches, ideas and notes.
Most of these pieces look like pages from a giant notebook in which the artist has been working with small notes and drawings, studies of drawings and ideas that at the end are the works of art themselves.

Discover Edgar’s installation at the fair on Arsty.


Edgar Plans Edgar Plans