December Exhibitions

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7 diciembre, 2020

To round off this year, at the gallery we farewell 2020 with colour, hope and paying homage to figures who took part in spreading our art and making it visible around the globe. Our December’s exhibitions featured the artworks by Claudia Valsells, Jordi Alcaraz and Mirco Marcelli.

In the XL Space we exhibited “What’s colour” housing the latest artworks of the painter Claudia Valsells, large format works painted in vibrant colours. Valsells is an old friend of the gallery and a local artist with an outstanding track record as a colorist artist for more than 20 years. Years of experience that served her to discover and broaden her knowledge and become an expert in colour.
Valsells approaches her creative process seeking to depict the multiple nuances colours have and their chromatic harmonies. Here lies the importance for her to use a white canvas, to give colour the prominence it needs in order to convey her inner thoughts and reflections.
The large format canvases, filled with colourful brush strokes which were part of the exhibition are no exception of this. In fact, they are the result from her introspection during the months of lockdown, a tough moment that Claudia took as an opportunity. A time to devote to herself to pursue new paths and meanings she had never explored before.

We presented the latest artworks by Jordi Alcaraz in our L Space. He is one of the most well-known contemporary artist of our times in the framework of another notorious artist, Antoni Tàpies.
Jordi keeps on offering new one-of-a-kind pieces that explore the multiple facets materials can have. His work is distinguished from other artists for the use of ordinary materials, which Alcaraz is capable of reinterpreting, reformulating, and writing. He constructs a narrative, a discourse full of metaphors among them. Alcaraz plays with the viewer with his words and riddles, but at the same time he allows them to know and meet his imaginary world.

On the same note as Alcaraz, on the research for the possibilities objects and materials have, the M Space, featured the latest artworks by the Italian artist Mirco Marchelli. He comes from the Italian «Arte Povera» movement of the 1960s, which advocated for a return to the essential in contrast with Pop Art, using a wide range of non-traditional materials such as, rags, soil, coal, woods, etc. Therefore, his works are made out of a mix of throwaway objects such as old furniture, photographs, second-hand books or rods, all blended with wax in order to bestow them a new identity as whole. The result, texturised compositions which blur the borders between painting and sculpture, opening new discourses around art and its message.

Images of «What’s Colour» exhibition by Claudia Valsells in our XL Space:

Claudia Valsells Solo Exhibition

Claudia Valsells Solo Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

Images of Jordi Alcaraz presentation at our L Space:

Jordi Alcaraz exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

A close-up of one of the artworks presented at the L Space:

Jordi Alcaraz presentation at Alzueta Gallery







Images of Mirco Marchelli’s solo project at the M Space:

Mirko Marchelli solo project at Alzueta Gallery

Mirko Marchelli solo project at Alzueta Gallery

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