Confinement Capsules at Fundació Vilacasas

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28 octubre, 2020

During the global pandemic most of Europe, and the world, experimented for the first time in centuries what is to be confined at home. Each one of us lived this period from a different perspective, learning something new, working from home or even homeschooling. However, this time of introspection helped artists to concentrate and meditate on their language. Not all of them had their workshop or studio at home, and many of them got to create art from a new space and perhaps even with a different perspective.

Sometimes we wonder if art is necessary for society, some philosophers say that the beauty of art is that it is not a necessity, therefore the artist is free, hence the beauty of the freedom in the artistic expression. This question however, can be revisited when from home, confined in just a few square meters, we tend to try to not only be surrounded by beautiful things that are meaningful to us, but seek to be accompanied by the thoughts and the ideas of the artist we like.

Watching a movie, listening to music, reading, art definitely made our lockdowns easier and more bearable, but what about the artist? How was this process of alienation from everyday life? How did they cope with the isolation? Did it affect their creative process?

In light of the 20th anniversary of the Fundació Vilacas, one of Spain’s top Art Foundations, the exhibition «Càpsules del Confinament. Art i Pandemia a Catalunya» (Confinement Capsules. Art and Pandemic in Catalunya) was inaugurated, showing the artworks by awarded Catalan artists that continued to work during the confinement period.

The exhibition seeks to portray the importance of artistic creation during these difficult times and how artists continued to be actively working even away from their studios. How they felt and how they processed everything that was happening. In the exhibition some of our represented artists showed their works made during this time, a drawing by Guim Tió, an oil painting by Ivan Franco and a Mixed Media artwork by Jordi Alcaraz were part of the exhibition.

Take a look at the show at Fundació Vilacasas’ Can Framis Museum through images.