A tour inside Maria Yelletisch’s Studio.

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3 abril, 2020

Located in the outskirts of Madrid and filled with direct sunlight, Maria Yelletisch’s studio is a harmonious space where the artist creates her signature Repetition Series as well as her new works involving new media.

From ceramic to canvas, acrylic, pastels and oil sticks, the artworks by Yelletisch are an ode to the repetitive shapes, that almost like patterns allow us to meditate over color. Contrasted or in soft calm palettes, the works by the artist seek to find the viewer’s relaxation, inducing them in the tranquility of colour and a well thought composition.

«I’m interested in repetition, especially the one I find in nature. For me, repetition is something that links me directly to meditation. Many times, just observing this repetition and trying to analyze it brings me into a meditative state.»

Maria Yelletisch

The artist is currently working from her studio in a series of new artworks on paper, as well as in ceramic projects and smaller format pieces.

Discover a series of Snapshots taken at Yelletisch`s studio by Ricard Moreno and Laia Rafols.

Maria Yelletisch Studio
Maria Yelletisch StudioMaria Yelletisch StudioMaria Yelletisch StudioMaria Yelletisch Studio