Palau de Casavells

Palau de Casavells is the summer project of Alzueta Gallery.

Conceived as an exhibition space for contemporary art, the palace, an important rural house located in the Catalan Empordà, twenty minutes away from the Costa Brava, and 20 minutes from Gerona, generates its own exhibition program with the artists of the gallery and also in collaboration with other institutions, galleries and artists, national and international.

A project that wants to bring contemporary art to vacation time, to the moments when one has the freedom and calm to devote his time to the contemplation and discovery of the best contemporary art.

2000 meters, eight exhibition rooms, an artist residency program, and numerous activities, complete a proposal that was born more than 15 years ago, then as a dream, and now as a fully consolidated reality.

C/ Santa Llúcia, 1
17121 Casavells, Girona

Tel: +34 97 263 01 41

Palau de Casavells will open its doors again next Spring.