The artist  Alzueta Gallery Turó Park. 2022.

Francisco Mendes Moreira


We are glad to announce the upcoming Solo Exhibition Pony by Portuguese artist Francisco Mendes Moreira at our Turó Park Gallery.
Francisco Mendes Moreira’s first Solo exhibition at our gallery will feature large and medium format paintings, artworks on paper and sculptures showing the artist’s broad artistic approach.

The works for this show were done during the summer of 2022, through old roads and new tracks. This could serve as a reference map of the different echoes in them.

”Ring ring 7am. 
I get up when I want 
except on Wednesdays. 
Drinking brew for breakfast.
And look at the time, 
almost beer-thirty. 
Sick boy, Renton,
Apollo, Dionysus, 
and the evil Doctor Eggman. 
I can’t remember anything.
The real deal one trick pony. 
Things in my pockets, 
tricks up my sleeve.
Cosmos, the pale blue dot,
Toshirō Mifune.

Francisco Mendes Moreira

The fourth wise man, the fifth beatle, 
The night of Santiago.
Black Captain, pony express. 
Blue bayou. Paris, Texas. 
Harry Dean Stanton.
1991 Seat Toledo
Homemade road movie.
Riding with hunchbacked children and humpback whales.
Another way to be mean.
not Steve McQueen.
Larry Bird.
Kublai Khan.
Francesco Petrarca.
Doo-wop in Harlem.
Pony goes to town.”

03-11-2022 to 01-12-2022

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