Manolo Ballesteros


After years of seeking absolute minimalism and focusing on a plain, spotless and sleek finish that brought his work closer to the most austere ideas of color and shape, Manolo Ballesteros style is evolving towards a more soulful abstraction.

A stroke is the evidence of the hand of the artist, a mark of a physical movement made over the surface of a painting and, that together, compose the whole of an artwork. This mark-making process is now a key factor for Manolo’s artistic practice that, from a very personal search -now in the maturity of his career- wanted a change of narrative and was seeking light.

12-01-2023 to 11-02-2023

Alzueta Gallery Turó

C/ Josep Bertrand, 3
08021 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 404 16 82

Monday-Friday 10-14h / 16-20h
Saturday 11-14h / 17-20h