Maria Yelletisch


We are excited to announce SOLA, Maria Yelletisch’s new exhibition at our Turó Park space in Barcelona.

In an intimate reflection on the use of repetition and art as a refuge, the artist introduces us to a series of works that relate her experiences around the phenomenon of loneliness sought and found, the need to spend time with oneself, all inspired by specific memories collected since May 2020.

A narrative on which Maria has been working for two years based on trial and error; an exercise of compilation, of leaving one’s comfort zone, but at the same time, of settling down, putting one’s feet on the ground and appropriating one’s right to be in solitude.

»I confess that sometimes I have felt the need to run away from repetition, but I don’t want to run away anymore, this is my place and I want to stay here forever. ‘’

Maria Yelletisch

01-12-2022 to 07-01-2023

Alzueta Gallery Turó

C/ Josep Bertrand, 3
08021 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 404 16 82

Monday to Friday 9:00h – 14:00h / 16:00h – 19:00h