Richard Zinon


Using old-fashioned techniques contrasted with his bold approach to composition through minimal yet powerful strokes over the sleek canvas, the artist portrays the dichotomy between tradition and innovation.

Often compared with Japanese calligraphy, the work by Zinon conveys a message of purity, of how with just a few strokes over the canvas, due to their contained strength, the artists is capable of transmitting endless emotions powered by the gray, that hues present in his oeuvre, that highlights the vast meaning of each stroke floating on the canvas, as a word contains a whole universe in its meaning.

The exhibition brings together a group of works developed recently by the artist with a restricted color palette. From medium to large format and for the first time ever including small format paintings, these new works by the artist continue to solidify Zinon’s trajectory into becoming a prominent figure in the local and international contemporary art scene.

13-01-2022 to 15-02-2022

Alzueta Gallery Madrid

C/ Marqués de Monasterio, 1
28004 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 362 99 67

Monday-Friday 10-14h / 16-20h
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