Mirco Marchelli


When thinking about Mirco Marchelli, the word artist comes to a deeper and more versatile meaning. Perhaps because he is Italian, the concept of the ‘artist’ that he brings us closer to is related to the ‘Renaissance man’ who lives life thought and for the sake of art.

Marchelli is an artist that makes us question the medium, the matter. He works with assemblages, with already found objects, with tissues. His work is on the borderline between sculpture and painting, but finding a pure balance between colour and shape. Mainly inspired by the Povera Art Movement and the concept that everything can be art, Mirco traces no line between his artistic production and reality, making each object part of a visual composition and every sound part of an opera.

In his oeuvre, Marchelli shows a very intuitive approach that extends beyond the canvas, beyond the surface of the painting. That fills every aspect of life with Art. His work is a constant reminder of the very first need of an artist: to create and to communicate. Mirco’s oeuvre is visceral in its geometry, intuitive in its volumes. It is simply Art.

«Marchelli chooses ‘ingredients’ very varied in matter, appearance and origin. He mixes and elaborates everything with very free forms and a fanciful style, but with rigorous methods, as a composer does.
Like in the development of a sonata-form, and to those recovered ‘old items’, he gives a new meaning and flavour, exploiting their ‘resonances’, the stories they carry.»

14-10-2021 to 31-10-2021

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