Hugo Alonso


It is common for music to be present in the artist’s studio while an idea is being shaped, or a painting is being executed, or the rhythm of a video sequence is being sketched, or a drawing is being made.
Generally it is background music that enlivens the environment and adds to the atmosphere of the studio, often desolate or cold.
The music helps, complements, accompanies and facilitates the development of a painting or the writing of a text. It has always been the perfect companion for «another activity». It is also the perfect pause. The parenthesis of something. Or the injection of stimuli that marks the beginning of a project. It is known that sound is one of the great emotional activators.
Through it we travel inside ourselves, we play with our memory, we fluctuate in our emotions.

Hugo Alonso’s AUDIO exhibition is a complete inversion of these assumptions.
The paintings that compose the show have been painted as pauses or rests in which music or sound have been the protagonists.

Music in the car on the way to the mountain to obtain visual material, music listened to with visual material, music listened to attentively and meticulously in the studio after getting that  long-awaited vinyl, or music created under his alias Lynda Blair.
Hugo Alonso has always linked his pictorial production with video and sound. In front of his paintings one can feel that the painting is playing at being something else, perhaps to disguise itself in a medium it is not or that would not correspond to it according to certain canons. 

It wouldn’t be difficult to see in his paintings a slowed down cinematographic spirit or to understand them as stills of a visual succession.

The idea of conditioned painting is thus invoked in this exhibition, whose theme and way of execution have been directly articulated by the music, the sequentiality of sound or the cadence of a musical phrase.

24-03-2022 to 25-04-2022

Alzueta Gallery Turó

C/ Josep Bertrand, 3
08021 Barcelona

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