La Pertinencia del borde

Composed of his latest series of paintings, the show brings together works by the artist that have a sort of low relief, playing with the overlapping of textures, colours and especially with the edges of the painting. The protagonists of the series.

«Back with the paintings, those rectangles that hang on the wall as Donald Judd used to say, the question of the limit, of the edges or border allowed me to get out of a certain binarism or structural dualism. If in cinema or photography, the frame produces an effect of champ and hors-champ, in painting the edge of the canvas can constitute a territory shared, at the same time, inside and outside the artwork.

To work on the margin, on its thickness, on its perimeter, is to understand the painting as an object through which a well-known historical and symbolic regime is understood. The painting is the materialization of the devices of vision that remain in force through the screens. It is curious in fact that the term «cuadro» (Spanish for a picture made only with painting matter) has no equivalent in English. «Picture» refers to what is painted on the surface and what we might call an image, while «painting» designates the act of painting and by extension, the product of that activity. Nothing really that speaks of physical support.

To think of the edge of the painting as a possible territory means for me to open up an existential space, that is, a space of hermeneutics as a horizon open to interpretation and the creation of meanings.
So yes… I am a painter of paintings and not of pictures.”

M.A.M (Miguel Angel Molina)

08-09-2022 to 03-10-2022

Alzueta Gallery Madrid

C/ Marqués de Monasterio, 1
28004 Madrid

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