Aythamy Armas

Aythamy Armas

Armas’ first Solo Show in Madrid meditates over the idea of the artwork as a place highlighting the gesture and movement in the creative process.
Through his large-format works, Aythamy reveals his constant search for the vindication of the line as the leitmotiv of his oeuvre.

Stripping the drawing of the canons of representation, Armas creates awareness in the viewer of the importance of the physical and expressive elements that occur at the moment of the execution of the work, placing value on the physical act of the pictorial language: the stroke, the stain, the texture, the light and the shadow.
Visit Aythamy Armas’ exhibition and discover the work as the place where a movement is developed, where the creative process is as important as the final result, an intrinsic performance that combines sound, dance and movement.

07-10-2021 to 10-11-2021

Alzueta Gallery Sèneca – Main Gallery

C/ Sèneca 9-11, Int Bajos
08006 Barcelona

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