Enrich R


Enrich R’s recent work proposes a painting based on the abstract tradition, looking for emotion with colour. His compositions have an architectural aspect that maintains the tension through their relationships.

Enrich R. plays with the concepts of light and colour with vibration and blurring to provoke effects beyond their own formality.
A creative challenge that seeks rhythm and freedom.
His constructive form applies colour and pigment without human trace, creating compositional spheres that question the gaze.

He does not show great interest in technology or digitalisation, but at the same time, he at the same time maintains a contemporary impulse that makes it present.
The works pass through an intuitive state where the inexplicable and the non-tangible make a special painting that comes from the minimalist drawings he makes with minimalist drawings that she makes with water on the wall.

“An old friend once told me this story:

There was a small island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean with no drinking water. However, men and women had been living on it for years.
Since the island had no water sources, its inhabitants devised a system to survive.
Noticing that every morning a mist would appear along the cliffs, they built nets, which they hung on the rock walls. These captured the condensing mist. Under the nets, buckets collected the condensation into water.
It is thanks to this ingenious system that they were able to live on this island.
This story describes, in my opinion, the nature of great artists: men and women capable of imagining and creating systems of capture.
Capturing the living that never ceases to escape us, to surpass us.
Therefore, this activity requires capturing devices, whatever the discipline.
And it takes infinite precision to capture what is vital and yet ephemeral. It requires a certain know-how but also a certain necessity.
When I discovered the work of Enrich R, I immediately felt this need.
Because we know that everything is there, that the living, which is the real gold, is not produced, but passes through us.
We know that we rarely measure up to this life that is beyond us. Almost never.
Except when we paint.”

Yoann Bourgeois about Enrich R.’s artworks

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