Struan Teague

Edinburgh, Scotland, 1991


Edinburgh, Scotland, 1991
Lives and works in London & Düsseldorf

”Using extremely simple pictorial materials and media, such as oil, acrylic, spray paint, pencil, collage, dripping and recycled bits of paint found on his studio floor, he delves into the unexplored possibilities of their combinations in large and small formats. Teague’s works originate as intuitions that come to him in a state of free-floating attention and meditation and take shape in the plastic materialisation of unconscious flows, in an unpredictable creative process marked by the clear-cut absence of predetermined methods. He creates self-referential visual languages where the automatism of the lines, the doodles, the gestures, the small dabs of colour on textured grounds and the off-centre compositions open up spaces of physically and possibility that defy critical dogmatism, conceptual rationalism and language as mere communication, occupying its fringes to maintain an inexhaustible poetic unfolding.”

Miguel Fernandez Campon on STRUAN TEAGUE, 2017


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BA Fine Art, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, UK

Slow Disturbance, Spazio ORR, Brescia (2020)
Nil Nil, Galeria Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona (2019)
Say something, Galería Kernal, Cáceres (2017)

Line Languages, with Alexi Tsioris, Encounter Contemporary & Richeldis Fine Art, London, UK (2022)
Pathways on Paper, South Parade, London, UK (2022)
Slow Disturbance, Spazio ORR, Brescia, Italy (2020)
Aerial Roots, Palau de Casavells, Spain (2020)
Permafrost, Fox Jensen Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2019)
Twentyfour, Bricks Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019)
Artist Rooms, Encounter Contemporary & Richeldis Fine Art, London, UK (2019)
Abstract: Reality, The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2018)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, with Pedro Matos, The Court, Pescara, Italy (2018)
Who loves the sun, Pictura, Dordrecht, Netherlands (2018)
De Lachende Cavalier, Abstracte, Dordrecht, Netherlands (2018)
Markers, Encounter Contemporary & Richeldis Fine Art, London, UK (2017)
Fiction (with only daylight between us) v2, Divisible, Ohio, USA (2017)
Grants 16/17, Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf, Germany (2017)
Hunted Projects: Attitudes in Painting, Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf, Germany (2017)
So Natural!, Like a Little Disaster, Foothold, Polignano a Mare, Italy (2017)
One of the ones about nothing, with Bobby Sinclair, Edinburgh (2016)
35 Works on Paper, Beers London, UK (2016)
Preparations For A Journey, Fifi Projects, San Pedro, Mexico (2016)

SWAB Art Fair, Spazio ORR, Barcelona, Spain (2020)
Impact 9 Print Festival, Hangzhou, China (2015)

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What do bees do in a summer like this, self published (2017)
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Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf (2016/17)