Sito Mújica

Barcelona, Spain, 1971


“Fascinated by the cognitive and cultural effects of the semantic web, Sito has been configuring for a few years a creative corpus based on the systematic copy of other people’s photographies, using in the first instance the drawing technique and more recently watercolour to then, put them back again into circulation translated into another language.

But this is just the tip of an iceberg, whose base contains the raw material of his creative process, substantiated in communion with his trilogy Investigation-Appropriation-Distribution, which serves as the back-bone to an iconographic pulsion which can be seen represented through other people’s pieces, to transform the receiver, and even himself, into an acquirer a non domino who claims his right to digest what he has been urged to consume graphically and symbolically speaking.

In his current work, the spectator will find one more sample of the preciousness of the artists trace, but also and above all, a very profound riddle about the origins of the images to which they are being exposed”

Christian Obregón


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Floralia Group Show, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
Blanc i Negre, L&B Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
Pesentación Alzueta Gallery, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
Hot, here Our Team, L&B Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
Bad Gateway, SIS galería , Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain (2019)
Abstracciones, L&B Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain (2019)
Screenchot, L&B Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain (2018)
Intervalo, Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain (2017)
Where do I begin?, Pasinger Fabrik in München, Munich, Germany (2017)
Intervalo, Casa Hoffmann, Bogotá, Colombia (2016)
Papeles privados, Colección DKV, Colección Tomás Ruiz, Instituto Cervantes, Munich (2014)
Modus, Palau Casavells, Girona, Spain (2014)
Colección de dibujos DKV, Fundación Valentín de Madariaga, Sevilla, Spain (2013)
Pansy & Lowbrow, Espai Tactel, Valencia, Spain (2013)
Nulla dies sine linea, Dibujo Español Contemporáneo, Crypt Gallery, London, UK (2012)
Memento mori, Addaya Centre D’Art Comtemporani, Alaró, Mallorca, Spain (2011)
Copiadas, Galería Raquel Ponce, Madrid, Spain (2011)
Modus, Galería 3Punts, Barcelona, Spain (2011)
Paradís perdut, Alg(unes) Mirades al Voltant del Jardí, Centro Can Felipa. Barcelona. Spain (2010)
Nulla dies sine linea, Dibujo Español Contemporáneo, Freies Museum Berlin, Germany (2010)
Spunk, Envoy Gallery, New York, USA (2009)
Mimesis/Diégesis, SIS galería , Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain (2009)

Art Madrid, Madrid, Galería 3Punts
ARCO, Madrid, Galería Raquel Ponce
Justmad, Madrid, Galería 3Punts
Swab, Barcelona, Galería 3Punts
Espacio Atlántico, Vigo, Galería 3Punts
Berliner Liste, Berlin, Galería 3Punts
Preview Berlin, Berlin, Galería 3Punts
Art Fair Cologne, Colonia, Galería 3Punts
Kunstrai Amsterdam, Amsterdam, L&B Contemporary Art