Marria Pratts

Barcelona, Spain, 1988

Ghost (LYFE VERSION)-2022. Acrylic, Oil stick, Graphite and Wax on canvas. 163 x 133 cm.
Upside Down in Koreatown- 2022 Acrylic, Oil stick, Graphite and Wax on canvas . 163 x 133 cm.
Textil 04 - 2021. Mohair, wool, fabric paint. 215 x 133 cm.
Textil 01 - 2021. Mohair, wool, fabric paint. 215 x 133 cm.
Textil 02 - 2021. Mohair, wool, fabric paint. 215 x 133 cm.
Textil 05 - 2021. Mohair, wool, fabric paint. 215 x 133 cm.
Textil 08 - 2021. Mohair, wool, fabric paint. 215 x 133 cm.
BACK TO LAND - 2022. Acrylic, Oil stick, Graphite and Wax on canvas. 180 x 300 cm.
INTERCANVI DE LLAVORS - 2021. Mixed Media on canvas. 203 x 326 cm.
1,2,3 - 2022. Acrylic, Oil stick, Graphite, Wax and neon on canvas. 170 x 200 cm.


Barcelona, 1988

A dialogue between contraries, between idea and craft, sanity and decadency. The work by Spanish artist Marria Pratts moves us just at first glimpse and can surely not be classified. Using a colorful and bold color palette, the artist narrates the beauty in the contrast of emotions, thoughts and mixed feelings on her large canvases and sculptures.

For some, her oeuvre might seem a bit political, satirical of our society and its problems, however, to Pratts there is an inherent beauty in these problems. Her work faces us with a reality sometimes too hard to watch, but that depicted through smiley faces and colorful neon ghosts, calms us and makes us meditate. There is nothing wrong with a deformed figure, with a sad face, with ghosts, they are all part of our reality and coexist within us, and whitin Maria’s work.

Strongly influenced by her surroundings and by where she paints, Pratts works in the abstraction field with lines of gesturalism and a strong taste for neon color and neon art.

She considers herself an outsider, deeply aligned with the Art Brut values, no wonder she studied in the Masana School, a well known art school in Barcelona famous for its crafts. Marria makes art with what surrounds her, making every little quotidian object a key piece to her oeuvre.

From her sculptures to her paper works, Marria Pratts invites us to be participants in a loud dialogue between happiness and sadness, and how they are both an essential part of us.


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Solo Show at the Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
I love u freestyle, Ruttowski;68, Cologne, Germany (2022)
Local Fantasy, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
Lil ghost say hello, Everyday Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (2021)
Dream scenario, Galeria Yusto/Giner, Marbella, Spain (2020)
Evry 1 Welcom, Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2019)
Melted With You, Costa Mesa Conceptual Art, Costa Mesa, California, USA (2019)
2018 X (feat. My Friends) LOOP Festival 2018, L&B Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2018)
Waasap Magik, Galería O, Madrid, Spain (2018)
Sad City, Galeria L&B contemporary art, Barcelona, Spain (2016)
Time is Sick, Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2016)
El Refugi, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain (2016)
Otrombra, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Your Style Is So So, Garros Roland Gallery, Essen, Germany (2016)
Linia Deliri, Ús Barcelona and Otromba, Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Nou Somni, Galeria La Puntural, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain (2015)
Selfie Corner, Matadero, Centro de Creación Contemporánea, Madrid, Spain (2015)
Got It For Cheap, Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2015)
Got It For Cheap, Agnes B, Paris, France (2015)
La Balada de Wendy Entre d’Autres, Cielo Preview, Visual Mode, Galería ADN, Barcelona, Spain (2015)
Jornadas En El Sótano, Roser 99, Barcelona, Spain (2014)

Apunts per un incendi dels ulls, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
Our garden needs its flowers, Tecla Sala, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
Urvanity Art Fair, Galería Yusto/Giner, Madrid, Spain (2020)
Espacios, márgenes, límites, Galería Yusto/Giner, Marbella, Spain (2019)
DUP 2019 | Tribute to Etel Adnan, L&B Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2019)
Seriot, Andén, Barcelona, Spain (2016)
A Tutiplén, Watdafac, Madrid, Spain (2016)
Punk. Sus rastros en el arte contemporáneo, CA2M Madrid, MACBA Barcelona y ARTIUM Vitoria (2016)
Got It For Cheap, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)


    Selected Exhibitions


    Alzueta Gallery Sèneca – Main Gallery


    11/11/2021 to 11/12/2021