Spain, 1979

Untitled - 2014. Glazed ceramics. 40 x 35 x 35 cm.
Untitled - 2019. Ceramic and enamel.
Nacimiento, Amor y Fantasía - 2022. Glazed ceramics. 52 x 27 x 34 cm.
Ilusión - 2022. Glazed ceramics. 52 x 30 x 35 cm.
Untitled - 2020. Textile and Ceramic. 24 x 30 x 30 cm.
Untitled - 2020. Textile and Ceramic. 24 x 30 x 30 cm.
Payaso - 2020. Enamel and Ceramic. 27 x 27 x 25 cm.
Adivino - 2019. Ceramic and enamel. 60 x 40 x 40 cm.
Untitled - 2017. Ceramic. 25x37x26 cm.


La Rioja, Spain, 1979

“One of Spain’s most exciting new talents in ceramics, Lusesita skilfully combine earthy forms, rough textiles and innocent pastel tones with mischievously macabre details. As she explains, it’s a question of contrasting “the sweet, smooth or delicate with sensations such as hardness, fear or danger.” The result: a growing menagerie of bizarre creations, ambiguous cross-over beings that blend wit, eroticism and poetry.

Born in La Rioja, Laura Lasheras (a.k.a. Lusesita) studied Fine Arts in Logroño before specialising in ceramics at the Zaragoza School of Arts and Crafts. She moved to Barcelona in 2004, where she completed further training in pottery and glazing; she has also studied at the Sargadelos School in northern Spain and participated in the renowned Journées de la Céramique in Belesta, France. Experimental ventures include Pop Up the Volume (2012), where the artist incorporated ceramic elements into a collection by fashion designer Martin Lamothe, and Lusesita now combines her fine arts career with teaching. Lusesita’s creations have attracted critical acclaim. In spring 2016, she was among the “new talents in ceramics” featured in Spain’s El Pais newspaper, she has hosted solo shows in Barcelona, and her work has appeared in group exhibitions in Spain, Italy, France, Korea and Mexico.”

Text by Solo Collection.


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Candy Memories, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milán (2018)
Origen, Alzueta Gallery Barcelona (2017)
Picnic,  Alzueta Gallery Barcelona (2014)
La Piñata, Asociación de ceramistas de Cataluña;  Barcelona (2013)
El jardín Doméstico, Contemporary Art Center Can Sisteré, Barcelona (2011)
Junglas y Minijunglas, Imaginart Gallery Barcelona (2010)

Still Human, Colección Solo, Madrid (2020)
We love pot, Plastic Murs, Valencia (2019)
Spezie di spazi, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milán (2019)
Arcana, Chiquita Room, Barcelona (2019)
Delicarttessen, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona (2015)
Exhibition, Magatzem Puigcerdà, Girona (2015)
Tapas, Spanish Design For Food, Matadero, Madrid (2015) Exhibition itinerante.
Tapas, Spanish Design, Tokio, Miami, Washington, Seul… Exhibition itinerante.
Feria Maison & Objet Ici et Là Gallery, Barcelona, Paris (2013)
Amores imaginarios, Escalera de incendios Gallery, Barcelona (2013)
Ellas también lo ven diferente, Imaginart Gallery, Barcelona (2013)
Señales de humo, Palau Mornau, Barcelona (2013)
Ego yo yo Mío Mío, Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona (2013)
Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona (2013)
Con el Barro en el Cabeza, Fair Nace Navarrete, La Rioja (2012)
Magic Land, Contrast Gallery, Barcelona (2012)
Musas, Sergio Mora & Lusesita, Galería Drexel, Monterrey, Mexico (2011)
Neomito, Galería Ras, Barcelona, Spain (2011)
Galería CMTV, Barcelona, Spain (2010)
Vinçon Hipermercat Galeria Safia (2009)
CCCB, Drap Art, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Galeria civica di arte contemporanea, Termoli, Italy (2009)
Galeria Safia Krudakamer, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Vinçon Hipermercat Galeria Safia (2008)
CCCB, Drap Art, Barcelona, Spain (2008)
Art de Rien Gallery, Paris, France (2008)
Two person Sergio Mora, Galería Garabat, Bilbao, Spain (2008)
Sargadelos, Lugo, Spain (2008)
Art de Rien Galleri, Colective freaks, Paris, France (2008)
Two person Sergio Mora, Art de Rien Gallery, Paris, France (2008)

Artissima, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Torino (2018)
Decorative London Fair, Alzueta Gallery, Londres (2017)
Art Paris, Alzueta Gallery, Paris (2017)
Art Élysées, Alzueta Gallery, Paris (2016)
Art Madrid, Alzueta Gallery, Madrid (since 2014)
Scope Art Basel, Contrast Gallery, Switzerland (2013)
Art Room Madrid, Imaginart Gallery, Madrid (2012)
KIAF, Corea International art Fair, Imaginart Gallery, Seul, Corea (2011)
SWAB, International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain (2011)
KIAF, Corea International art Fair, Imaginart Gallery, Seul, Corea (2010)
Contemporary Art Fair Cutlog, Paris, France (2009)

Taller de cerámica con Lusesita, published by Editorial Gustavo Gili, Barcelona


    Selected Exhibitions


    Alzueta Gallery Sèneca – Main Gallery


    21/04/2022 to 14/05/2022