Francisco Mendes Moreira

Coimbra, Portugal, 1979

Triple Pickle - 2023. Oil pastel on paper. 30.1 x 25.1 inch
Princesa - 2023. Oil pastel on paper. 30.1 x 25.1 inch.
Dead mans chest - 2022. Oil pastel on paper. 26,9 x 32.4 inch
Venison - 2022. Oil pastel on paper. 26.9 x 32. 4 inch.
Honeydew - 2023. Oil and collage on canvas. 46.6 x 36 inch.
Pouca-terra - 2022. Oil pastel and collage on paper. 26.9 x 32. 4 inch.
The Moron Brothers - 2022. Oil pastel on paper. 21.2 x 19.2 inch.
Come visit Kansas for a week of debauchery - 2022. Oil and oil stick on canvas. 30.3 x 27.1 inch.
The unknown soldier - 2022. Oil, oil stick and collage on canvas. 28.7 x 35.8 inch.
The Drunk at the docks incident (La Rochelle) - 2021. Oil on canvas. 58.2 x 64.9 inch.


Coimbra, 1979

Francisco Mendes Moreira began painting in 2003 and exhibiting in 2007. His work operates with color and emotional deformation. Moreira’s practice is a way of solving problems that are based on an intuitive work process, which can be triggered by contemporary culture, endorsing psychological and political aspects. His series are predominantly made with oil pastels, painted on found and glued cardboard packaging. Alternating between realism and abstraction, Moreira’s images pose these eternal questions; where did we come from, what came before us and who else is out there? The different media and surfaces, the number of themes and even the scale are all circumstantial, in the sense that it is your everyday life that determines the studio’s processes. The act of analysis has little space in the specific creative process, but, observing the artist’s works, it can be concluded that Moreira’s practice is a continuous commentary and staging of events related of events related to the human condition.


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Someone to talk to and a new hiding place, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2021)
Bring a friend to the end, co-solo with Fernão Cruz, Sade gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2020)
Milonga sentimental, Galeria Trinta, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2019)
The primordial soup shuffle, Public Gallery, London, UK (2019)
Três elefantes, Lisbon, Portugal (2007)

Dreamland – with Spencer Shakespear, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2022)
FUN GAL GRO UP SHO, Sade gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2022)
Paperworks vol. 2, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2021)
Room Service, Litz Art and NBB Gallery, Stockholm (2021)
4 year anniversary, Delphian Gallery, London, UK (2021)
High desert, high!, Smoke the moon, Santa Fe, USA (2021)
The island show, Kant Galleri (2021)
Small diamonds and big gems , Kant Galleri, Copenhagen (2020)
Paperworks vol. 1 , NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020)
Nur Bomben I, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020)
The island show, Kant Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark (2020)
No time like the present, Public Gallery, London, UK (2020)
Verhandlungbasis, Palmer Galerienhaus, Stuttgart, Germany (2020)
Deep down above the sea, Lisbon, Portugal (2019)
Bridgepoint Rye – residency, Rye, UK (2019)
Divergent motion, Delphian Gallery, London, UK (2019)
The island show, Kant Galleri, Denmark (2019)
Smuggling Vanilla – with Jordy Kerwick, Galerie 42b, Paris, France (2019)
A take on paper, Kant Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019)
Cola cuspo, Espaço AZ, Lisbon, Portugal (2018)
Ghosts of electricity, Smoke the moon, Los Angeles, USA (2018)
Depict the mask, cgk Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark (2018)
Like no other, Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy (2018)
Got it for cheap (artist pick – Michael Swaney), Barcelona, Spain (2018)
Rude assembly, Sydney, Australia (2018)
Return of polite, New York, USA (2018)
Paper cuts, London, UK (2017)
Casa da Dona Laura, Lisbon, Portugal (2017)
We are the ones, cgk Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark (2017)
Got it for cheap, different locations, itinerary (2017)
New slang, Den-holm studios, Melbourne, Australia (2016)

Exhibit Gallery at DRAWING ROOM MADRID, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Arena Martinez Projects at ART MADRID, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Galeria Trinta at JUSTMAD FAIR, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Shepherds delight – Galeria Trinta at DRAWING ROOM FAIR, Lisbon, Portugal (2021)
Galeria Trinta at DRAWING ROOM FAIR, Lisbon, Portugal (2020)
Galeria Trinta at JUSTMAD FAIR, Madrid, Spain (2020)
Art Verona, Galeria Annarumma, Verona Art Fair, Italy (2019)


    Selected Exhibitions


    Alzueta Gallery Sèneca – Main Gallery


    21/04/2022 to 14/05/2022


    Alzueta Gallery Turó


    03/11/2022 to 01/12/2022


    Alzueta Gallery Madrid


    15/06/2023 to 01/07/2023